Monday, April 30, 2007

My Story on Guardian UK / Ziji Publishing Nanotales Competition Shortlist

My short story SWEET MOTHER has recently been shortlisted for the Guardian Books(UK) / Ziji Publishing Short Story (Nanotales) Competition. As part of the final selection process, the finalists' stories have been posted on the nanotales website, and a voting system has been introduced.

* A nanotale is a story of less than a thousand words

I'd like to have as many votes as possible for my story, and would like you to please take some time to read it and see if it's worthy of your vote.

The entire shortlist is here

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sleeping Beauty, Move Over: The Sleepy Pilot Cometh

From yahoo news:

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Passengers on a British Airways flight from New Delhi to London faced a 13-hour delay as the pilot felt he was too sleepy after a noisy night in a New Delhi hotel, newspapers reported on Monday. Angry passengers were offloaded from the plane early Sunday morning after the pilot refused to fly until he caught up with his sleep...

I read it and could not but wonder: Would a Bellview or Aero or Virgin Nigeria pilot ever do this? Or would they take the kolanut shortcut and fly a hundred plus passengers onto the newspaper headlines...

Read the article here

Pictures from Bank PHB's The Intern Reality TV Show After-Party

Intern Amina

AY(comedian and party host), Toni Kan of Bank PHB and Charles O'Tudor, the Boardroom BOSS

Intern Bose
Intern Dami

Intern Kola

The winner, (Afolabi) a proud Dad, and the prize

All hail the champ!

The Keys of Success

The Nissan Tiida Grand Prize (there was 3 million bucks as well!)

The Boss and Toni kan

Driving Lesson?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Coming Up Soon on Omo-Alagbede BlogLive

# Exclusive Pictures from the Bank PHB Intern Reality TV Show 1 After-Party (March 2007)

# Feasting on Words: Is Omo-Alagbede CareerThreateningly-Wrong About Oprah?

# From the Writing Archives: Is Omo-Alagbede Stranded on a Dogonyaro Tree of Words? Problems, Pain, Panacea...

Damilola, one of the 10 interns poses for Omo-Alagbede's lenses. More later...

The Portrait of Omo-Alagbede as Bloggistan's 007

Omo Alagbede recently went undercover:

From: Association of Concerned Nigerian Parents Who Never Clubbed in their own Youth (ASSCONPNECYO)

To: Special Agent Omo Alagbede, Federal Bureau of Blogvestigations

Aim: To find out how Nigerian youngsters are spending their Saturday Nights.

Modus Operandi: Inflitrate a popular Nite-Club in the Lagos Metropolis

Date: Secret

Time: Night (It's a night club, stupid!)

Equipment: Camera, dancing shoes, insomnia tablets, chewing gum, charm, Burn energy drink, Map of Lagos metropolis, gas mask (protection against poisonous nicotene-oxide fumes).


Ye African, When ye Pray, Say...

Our Masters
Who Art in Geneva & Elsewhere
Haloed be thy manes
Thy Condoms Come,
Thy will be done in this heart of darkness
As it is within your snow-sniffing skyscrapers
Give us this night
Our AntiRetroviral Therapy
And forgive us our inability to pay
As we forgive those who continue to have sex without condoms.
And lead us not into extinction
But deliver us from ourselves
For thine is the Condom, the Strategy and the Wherewithal
Forever and ever,

(c) Omo Alagbede, 2005