Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Nigerian Icons (Suggestions)

Just a few quick toughts before I rush off... Araceli and iGwatala, thanks for dropping by...

My list of Nigerian Icons is beginning to take shape:
I eagerly await your additions... and of course, all suggestions are open to (civil) debate...
You may post your suggestions as comments on this page or send them (with your name/blogname included so I can acknowledge you) to OMOALAGBEDE@YAHOO.CO.UK, I will put them all up on this blog... perhaps we can have a voting process later...

#Things Fall Apart (BOA)

#The Danfo (iGwatala)

#The Super Eagles (BOA)

#Afrobeat (BOA)

#Nollywood (BOA)

#Lokoja (confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue) (BOA)

#The Nigerian Passport (iGwatala)

# Ori Olokun/Benin Bronze head (iGwatala)

# Nigerian Pidgin English (iGwatala)

# Danfo (iGwatala)


iGwatala said...

More Icons:

* The Nigerian Passport

* Ori Olokun/Benin Bronze head

* Nigerian Pidgin English

I don't think the first one is debatable anyway. The others maybe.

Araceli Aipoh said...

Nigerian Icon: Suya and the Suya Man.

Although I don't eat suya (I swear I'd fry it in hot oil first if I have to really eat it) I know that Nigerians will revolt the day suya will be no longer be available.

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