Monday, November 06, 2006

Area Boys: A Short Film

This is very exciting news. A short film, AREA BOYS, written by Oladipo Agboluaje, and directed by Omelihu Nwanguma will be shot here in Lagos between now and the end of the year. I know for sure that this film will rise above the trademark mediocrity of Nollywood. If in doubt, check the production pedigrees of the crew (below) :))))

Amidst the mass of "marketers-masquerading-as-producers-and-directors churning out badly-produced "bestselling", explosive, awardwinning, scintillating, chartbursting Hollywood movies, there are a few moviemakers who stand out for their passion, artistic commitment and quality of work: Tunde Kelani, Tade Ogidan, Kingsley Ogoro and Jeta Amata (Amazing Grace, 2006)

There's also
Newton Aduaka, but he's based outside the country. In 2005 he received a Euro 60,000 grant to make Helon Habila's prize-winning novel, Waiting for an Angel, into a feature film.

Here's the synopsis of the AREA BOYS project, from the official website:

Having grown up in a world where corruption and greed over-ride all else, life-long friends Bode and Obi decide to repent from their way of life when they encounter a near death experience following a botched scam. They cut their ties with megalomaniacal boss (Dele) and his domineering girlfriend (who has a soft spot for Bode) and form their own partnership with a view of leaving their corrupt world for good. Life as a ‘good’ citizen proves a difficult experience for the guys and they plan to do one more job, behind Dele’s back, to raise the funds that would ease them into a lifestyle of Godliness. But their plans fall apart before it’s began when against their better judgement, they work a scam on Dele’s turf, the scam back-fires, and he finds out about it. The friends are then faced with a life or death situation as they search for an escape route whilst hiding from the clutches of Dele’s henchmen. And as the sun fades on the bustling city of Lagos, Bode and Obi are put to test about the true value of their friendship with the ultimate question: How far would you go to save the life of your friend...?

Set in the inner city of Lagos, AREA BOYS is a fast-paced coming of age drama about the loss of innocence, the advent of hope and the true value of friendship.

Crew Profiles:

Oladipo Agboluaje

Oladipo Agboluaje was born in Hackney and educated in Nigeria and Britain. He has written several poems, short stories and plays for radio and the stage. He also teaches post-colonial literature and creative writing. Plays which have been produced include, Early Morning (Oval House, 2003), Mother Courage and Her Children (African adaptation, Eclipse Theatre, 2004), which ran at the Hackney Empire, British-ish (New Wolsey Youth Theatre, Ipswich, 2005) and For One Night Only (PBAB, 2005)

Omelihu Nwanguma

Omelihu Nwanguma is an award winning filmmaker whose second short film, SEEKER, has won awards and nominations in acclaimed world film festivals. In the last four years since he began working in the film industry, Mr. Nwanguma has worked with high profile film directors such as Mr. Ron Howard on the Da Vinci Code and Mr. Christopher Nolan on Batman Begins.Mr. Nwanguma is now embarking on his third short film called “Area Boys” which will be set in the bustling metropolitan city of Lagos.

Janette-Nicole Nzekwe (Producer/Actor)

Janette’s recent work includes "Yesterday Was A Weird Day" at the BAC theatre by Look Left Look Right Productions. Television include: Fatimah Rachu in the BBC’s ‘Casualty’ directed by Paul Walker and Carol in ‘One More Bridge’, Sytel Productions.; Tituba in ‘The Crucible’ directed by Sue Higginson; ‘GT’ (Feature Film) by Summer Orange Productions directed by Lucien Williams.

Bello Mohammed (Producer)

Mr. Mohammed is the managing director of Sanpet Brother Ltd (SBL), a private run family business with over 30 years experience in Nigeria whose interest spans right across many sector of the Nigerian economy such as, ICT, Telecoms Services, Security Solutions, Solid Minerals, Oil & Gas, Property Development and Banking. Mr. Mohammed’s passion to be involved in producing films attracted him to the Area Boys project. He will be working as the main point of contact in Nigeria.


Funmi said...

This looks like it will definately be in the league of movies produced by minds like Tade Ogidan and Kelani.Do keep us posted

Christian Writer said...

I wonder if there's been anything about the film in the Naija press. It hasn't been easy for Omelihu and the crew to do something like this. People either think they're crazy or really encourage them to go for it. I know Omelihu's heart. He really just wants to raise the quality of Naija films. I hope to see him myself when I land in Naija - that's if Oga Jeremy and Madame Bidemi will give me some free time!

BOA said...

Well, CW, I haven't seen anything about it in the naija press, which is a pity... Methinks they should organise a press conference... this is certainly NEWS that needs to be spread... I hope they will not try to go it alone... Nigeria can be a difficult place to operate in on an "outsider" mentality...they should try to get in touch with someone like Tunde kelani or Tade Ogidan...

Btw, when do you arrive for your book tour?

Christian Writer said...

I'll be in the country from Fri 17/11 until 3rd or 4th Dec. I've just seen my schedule (no, I'm not having a heart attack) which should go up on my website the next coupla days. Kudos to Jeremy and Bibi as well. It's not easy trying to raise funds for literary/arts stuff.

BOA said...

I'm sure you're gonna do events in Lagos... would be nice to meet you... I'll look your schedule up on your site...

Marcy Oni said...

I anticapate the release of "Area Boys". I have just finished acting in the play "God is a DJ" written by Dipo and he has exceptional talent. I hope this short film will be a success.

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