Monday, March 19, 2007

Omo-Alagbede on the BBC

I've decided to take a break from my fixations on Oprah, Angelina and other powerful women, and direct them (all fixations) onto Number 1.

My poem, Lorenzo and Maria, will be broadcast on the BBC World Service Weekend Network Africa on Sunday the 25th of March, at 0400GMT and 0600GMT; in commemoration of the bicentennial anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade.


Love, Lagos and Havana were the three ends
Of the rope that bound Lorenzo and Maria.

Of course
They weren’t always Lorenzo and Maria.
Once upon a time they must have been
Lamidi and Mojisola,
Growing somewhere in Isale Eko,
Thinking of who to fall in love with
And when, and how many seed to spawn...

Listen to the full poem on the BBC World Service Weekend Network Africa on Sun 25 March 2007

NB> The Slave Trade was formally abolished by the British Government in 1807. The Abolition of the Slave Trade bill (passed in the House of Lords by 41 votes to 20, and in the House of Commons by 114 to 15) become law on 25th March, 1807.


Other News:

I've got work forthcoming (soon, soon) in the following print and online journals/mags:

Farafina Issue 9 (short story)
The Arabesques Review (short story)
Jelly Paint (poem)
Main Street Rag (poems)
Weaverbird Anthology of New Nigerian Fiction (short story)
Boxcar Poetry Review (poem) -- I got the email informing me of acceptance this afternoon
Tipton Poetry Journal (poem)
Crossing Borders magazine (poems)


Talatu-Carmen said...

congratulations! you've been busy!

Christian Writer said...

You just keep on getting better and better. Remember us when you get there o.

Tell It Like It Is said...

Well done you!

Kafo said...

CONgratuLATIONS oooooooooooooooooooooooo

a ma we o

BOA said...

@ all: thank you loads for the kind words and felicitations...

if I'm not mistaken, you all are of the fairer sex (oops, does anyone still use that term?)

Does that suggest that Omo Alagbede is now the newly crowned King of Ladies' Men... he he he

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