Saturday, November 03, 2007

Love or Madness?

A while ago this pic started a heated discussion (plenty of e-saliva spraying and ranting and shaking of e-fists) in an email group I was part of. Photos like this are classic discussion starters, esp in cultures like ours, where "enlightenment" (Western-style feminism etc), mysticism (belief or otherwise in juju/voodoo) and tradition/conservatism are the threesome (stones) holding up the cooking pot of human existence.

CAVEAT: The "Love or Madness" title was not my coinage o. Ah, I must let you know quick quick, before I land on some bomb-strapping f******t's hit-list, lol.

This was Omo Alagbede's contribution to the discussion:

See the dull look in the man's eyes.
Not only that, can't you hear the noise from the parlour. His wife and her girlfriends (all founding members of the "Madam Etteh 4 Life" fans club) are watching "Paloma" and laughing and licking ice-cream. This is a classic case of "Gbewudani" - translation - "take, hold my blouse for me". The man's destiny is in a calabash in one of those kitchen cupboards. This one goeth not out except by hot prayer, and 30-days dry fasting, under the watch of a a man of God not less than the position of General Overseer!
jus' kidding o, abeg. Na true love be dis. I Cor 13 Updated Version:
Love does not take off its tie before washing Madam's dishes

why are we talking about LOVE or MADNESS as though it had to be an "either-or":

he might be
a divorcee
or a widower
or hubby to an invalid wife
or a remorseful hubby doing penance for a "sin"/"sins" ranging from adultery to forgetting his wife's mother's birthday.
And it could also be Love AND Madness. They don't have to be mutually exclusive. The line b/w the two blurs faster than the pin number on a substandard MTN recharge card...
"Love" or "Madness"? What thinkest thou?


Oracle said...

This is extremely funny

That guy sure looks doomed.
Can't wait to read the remaining mails, those guys are so damn funny

Writefreak said...

Well, i agree with what you said that this might be any of the circumstances you gave... what if his wife is an invalid, different what ifs! I'm not an advent of women dominating men, neither do i think men should dominate women...marriage is a partnership and responsibility should be shared by both parties..who says only a woman should do housework???

uncleshege said...

A guy will say "madness".....

A lady will say, "Why not?".......

I will say " Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the precence of God and Man to witness a solemniization of the holy matrimony between MADNESS and LOVE.
These two have now become one,therefore, whatever God has joined together let no man put asunder!!!"

Kafo said...

i know that it could be love
but not this bad
this has to be madness

i think that if it started out as love it ended up as madness so yeah we missed the progression but the end result is the same


i'm laughing

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

why does it have to be madness?
Why does a man who does the dishes and cares for his offspring have to be cuckolded and dead in the eyes?
Why should anything be wrong with him?
Aren't the husband and wife equals in a relationship?
Dis they not male the commitment to help each other out?
What if indeed the wife was ill? She had to make a trip out of town?
Is is too much to ask the man top be productive within the house and out of it?
Think before you respond with the stereotypical ignorance that plagues our people...

Iyaeto said...

It's love to an insider but madness to an outsider.

aloted said...

i dont even know what to say!

darkelcee said...


Hmmmm....gbewudani indeed.

If his wife is watching tv in the sitting room then he sure needs deliverance!

God save HIS soul.

trust nigerian men, except under 'jazz' influence dem no go gree!

laspapi said...

I could wash dishes, carry a baby. It's perspective.

Anonymous said...

this photo says: Just got back from a hard day's work and have to juggle looking after the kid/s with housework - the life of some working mothers.....the husband just had the shoe put on his foot for a day and he's thinking, "I didn't realise it was this hard"......either that or he's thinking, "do I really need to have the baby tied to my back whilst I wash the dishes?"........

lamikayty said...

@catwalq aka lagbajess- I agree totally with you. The pix might seem out of place in a culture that favors male supremacy but truly if women now take on male roles (yeah, juggling jobs as well as their homes) what makes it out of place for a man to do the same. A while back I watched a yoruba movie with the protagonist in the 'same place' as the man in the picture and thought hard about the story. The reason such stories make 'interesting story lines' is because women desire that their spouses help in the house. If the 'medicine' to turn men to weak characters is as old as I think it is then its definitely a very old desire or longing for men to understand what women go through!! The taker of that picture could have assembled a better or more impressive profile- the man singing and smiling as he went about his chores.
Unfortunately the more likely story is that his wife was out of town or unavailable, not putting up her feet in the sitting room for some much needed rest! Eewo!

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