Sunday, November 11, 2007

Maggy Delvaux-Mufu: The African Woman Who Set Herself on Fire


Comment from an informed reader:
(thank you frederic):

Check your information before publishing them or relaying them. Because, this information about Maggy Devaux-Mufu Mpia goes back to 2004 and not 2007. This woman burned herself on October 5, 2004 in Luxembourg and she died on Saturday October 9,2004 in Metz in France. Take care

Omo Alagbede's Note: The news below is not recent, as was made to originally appear. The facts though remain correct.

She set herself on fire.
To protest racism.
Maggy Delvaux-Mufu. 40-something year old mother of three. Belgian citizen (?) of Congolese Origin.

Omo Alagbede's Musings
Mama Africa. The "Mama" who doesn't act like one. The Mama who abandons her children to the cruelties of other mothers
All Belgian citizens are equal, but apparently, white ones are more equal than black ones.

Warning: The pics below are disturbing. So is racism.

Pictures (c)

The 42-year-old Belgian citizen and her husband had been facing financial difficulties. They had recently indebted themselves by buying a Citroën garage in Oberwampach, before realising they were missing the documents that would allow them to set up a business. Delvaux-Mufu wrote a letter to Le Jeudi recounting her story of bureaucratic difficulties and economic despair. “I’m against all forms of violence, but day after day, my family and I have to endure moral violence, discrimination, insults and much more from Mr Juncker’s administration”, she said in the letter published last week. Money problems had driven the woman to desperately plead her case at the Prime minister’s office early on the same day of the incident. Her threat to burn herself alive on Place des Martyrs after being turned away by the authorities caused government officials to contact the police. A city-wide search was organised, but nobody could foresee the woman would change her plans."

Read the full story here


Frédéric Bola Ki-Khuabi said...

Check your information before publishing them or relaying them.

Because, this information about Maggy Devaux-Mufu Mpia goes back to 2004 and not 2007. This woman burned herself on October 5, 2004 in Luxembourg and she died on Saturday October 9,2004 in Metz in France.

Take care said...

2oo4 or 2007 is really unimportant. The fact is that she is dead and racism is alive and well today. God bless her family and rest her soul!


Dear Lord... I have no words. So sad.

Thomas said...

Thank you Frederic for the fact checking. The meaning does not change with that information, but it is important to have the facts, especially when this story is appearing all over the internet.

It would be nice to know if this had much of an effect on the Belgian people or if it was covered and forgotten. I hope some good came out of it.

laspapi said...

I can't handle this story...

chika said...

sad sad..what bugs me though is this: where was her husband when she lit the fire?
Plus: there was talk of their car sale business going bust
and of them going bankrupt
I remember when this story broke some years ago and at the risk of incurring some people's wrath I make brave to say this: sometimes we are too quick to shout racism when this is not the case. yes racism exists but in this case, I am not sure racism is to be blamed.

Izodmartin said...

I guess this is like Daffy Duck said... "I regret I can only do this performance but once!"

Laetitia said...

I just want to say this is another shameful story for Europe. I was born in africa and adopted by Belgian people and I never suffered from racism but this is the saddest story ever.

Right now looking for information to write an essay about discrimination I found a racist website on which jokes are made and horrible pictures of black people dying are downloaded. I am completely shocked and I would like to know if somebody knows how to unable this website to do this?! (
I know it is not possible to fight against all illegal website but before today I didn't even realise that this kind of website could exist!!!

Rachel said...

OH my GOODNESS i dont get it WHY did she set herself on fire???

Lord said...

I'm confused here. This is by no means a sarcastic comment, I just really am confused, I don't live there so I don't know how things are in that area, but I'm trying to figure out where in this story racism comes in to play. Because this really just sounds like the lady flipped out and did something unbelievably stupid and selfish because no one thought to look into the laws of business ownership. According to this very page: Financial difficulties, dumped money on a shop location but did not think to get a license to run a business, complained to authorities about having badly invested due to probably just not knowing any better about licenses, and committed suicide in an extremely crazy way.
Where exactly does this have anything what so ever to do with the color of her skin???? Is this some lame attempt to use some family's tragedy to go on a bull-crap racism crusade? If it actually had anything at all to do with racism, it would be awfully nice if some factual reference were made to the offense, with citations, so that this isn't viewed as some whiny attempt to piss people off over nothing at all.

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